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Radio Interoperability Switch

The IS-2 provides a communications link between 2 radio systems or works as a cross band repeater.

Supports conventional VHF/UHF, LTE, trunking systems, HF radios, APCO 25, Motorola's TRBO, Kenwood's NEXEDGE, Icom's IDAS, TETRA. Learn More >>

Radio Interoperability Switch

The IS-2 works as a cross band repeater or connects 2 radio systems of the following types:

• Conventional VHF and UHF
• Trunking Systems
• HF Radios
• APCO 25
• Motorola's MotoTRBO
• Kenwood's NEXEDGE
• Icom's IDAS

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Welcome to Midian Electronics

Midian Electronics was founded in 1975 specializing in after-market 2805/1500 Hz and 600/1500 Hz MTS pulse tone decoders, SECODE SMART/IMTS/DTMF radio-telephone encoders-decoders with ANI. We specialized in MIniature DIgital and ANalog devices, hence the name MIDIAN. In 1981 Midian introduced its first voice scrambler. In addition to its extensive voice security and tone encoder and decoder lines, Midian's product line has continued to expand to include Interoperability, ANI Systems, Tone Remotes, Radio-Telephone Interconnects, Paging and Dialing, and Public Address Radio Interface products.

Transcrypt to Midian Conversion Chart

Since Transcrypt was closed by EF Johnson, Midian has had many requests for information about compatible and comparable radio encryption. This comparison sheet lists the Transcrypt model number and Midian's part number of a compatible or comparable product.

Request a free tone signaling chart

Our popular tone signaling wall charts are available for free upon request. The tone charts include code plans for: CTCSS, DCS, Burst Tone, Tone Remote, Morse ID, Motorola Quick Call, Plectron, Reach, five-tone, six-tone, and more. To request your free copy e-mail or call us toll-free at 1-800-MIDIANS.

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