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About Midian Electronics

The History of Midian Electronics

Midian Electronics was founded in 1975 by Chuck Soulliard in Tucson, Arizona. We specialized in MIniature DIgital and ANalog devices, hence the name MIDIAN. Since its inception, Midian has been a leader in the tone signaling and voice security industries. Midian's first products were tone signaling modules for land mobile radio. These included DTMF, pulse tone, two-tone, and five-tone encoders and decoders. In fact, Midian was the first to design and manufacture after-market 2805/1500 Hz and 600/1500 Hz MTS pulse tone decoders, SECODE SMART/IMTS/DTMF radio-telephone encoders-decoders with ANI. In 1981, Midian entered into the voice security market by introducing the world's first voice scrambler small enough to fit inside a portable two-way radio.

Midian has continued to expand its tone signaling and voice security lines, as well as venturing into new markets. Over the years, our product line has grown to include tone remote, remote control, fleet management, data modem, repeater maker, interconnect, and paging and alarm products. Midian now offers the most extensive line of plug-in products for OEM radios.

Midian's Customers

Midian's tone signaling and encryption products fit a wide variety of applications. They are used by public safety (police, fire, and ambulance), fleet (taxi, towing, fishing, etc.), government, industrial, and OEM users.

Midian's products have been used by: United States Armed Forces, Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (Army), Indian Army, Mexico City Federal Police, Riyadh Police Force, Spanish Guardia Civil, and many others.

Midian's Quality Guarantee

Midian Electronics' products have long been recognized for their high quality. This is reflected through Midian offering the best warranty in the industry - 3 years on both parts and labor. Please visit our warranty page for details.

Looking to the Future

Midian Electronics will continue to provide the innovative and quality products we have been known for over the last 39 years. The land mobile radio market is moving in new directions, and Midian plans to lead the way in providing after-market accessories for two-way radio.