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EMS/Ambulance & Hospital Products

Voice Security Products

Secure communications maintain the integrity of patients' information (HIPAA) from being intercepted when transmitted over the air.

H.E.A.R. Dialers

Midian's UED-1B-DMV can be installed into an ambulance for HEAR system dialing to alert a hospital of an inbound ambulance. The hospital can be alerted using the UD-1B-DMH HEAR system decoder or the TRC-700 HEAR system tone remote controller.

Paging Regenerator

Midian's PR-10 can be used to extend the radio coverage for ambulances operating in remote areas.


Midian offers paging terminals and paging encoders for paging doctors, nurses or security personnel. Supported formats include POCSAG, 2-Tone, DTMF and 5-Tone.