• Military H250 Handsets
    Military H250 Handsets
    Our reasonably priced Military H250 Handsets offer:

    •  GPS
    •  Secure Voice with Tactical Level Frequency Hopping Rolling Code or FFT Scrambling
    •  GPS with Secure Voice Scrambling
    Call 1-800-MIDIANS
  • Our H-250 handsets with GPS enable the user to use Google Earth or Terrain Navigator Pro and pay no monthly subscriber fees!
    GPS H-250 Handsets for Manpack Radios
    No monthly subscriber fees when using Google Earth or Terrain Navigator Pro
    Available with tactical level voice encryption
    Programmable periodic GPS auto-reporting PTT
    Call 1-800-MIDIANS

H250 Handsets with Voice Encryption & Optional GPS

  • No monthly subscriber fees when using Google Earth or Terrain Navigator Pro
  • Provides GPS location with tactical voice encryption
  • Rolling Code or Frequency Domain (FFT) encryption available
  • Use with our CAD-800 to display PTT ID, GPS location and other information

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Simplex Repeater Maker H-250 Handset

  • Simplex store and forward repeater maker can be used to create a low-cost simplex vehicular repeater or to expand coverage into areas with poor reception
  • Up to 180 seconds of record time for message playback
  • COR or VOX operation

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H250 Handset with GPS Only

  • No monthly subscriber fees when using Google Earth or Terrain Navigator Pro
  • GPS latitude, longitude, speed, bearing, time & PTT ID transmitted on leading &/or trailing PTT
  • Programmable periodic GPS auto-reporting PTT
  • ENI automatically activated by Man-Down/Lone Worker sensor

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Common H-250 Handset Features

  • Available for most manpack radios including the PRC 1077, PRC 77, PRC 155, PRC 25 and more (see list below)
  • Install by twisting off existing handset and twisting on our handset
  • The handset derives power from the center pin on the U-329 connector on many newer Manpack Radios
  • 3 year warranty

H-250 Handsets Compatible with Many of These Military Manpack Radios

Midian's Secure Voice and GPS-GLONASS H-250U military handsets can be used on many different model PRC miltary manpacks. These products can be used on older manpack radios that don't offer encryption and GPS options. They can also be used on newer manpack radios as a low cost alternative to the options offered by the manufactuers.

Datron World Communications: PRC 1077, PRC 1099, PRC 2100, RT 7000, RT 7700
Codan: 2110M
Barrett: PRC 2000, PRC 2001, PRC 2080, PRC 2081, PRC 2090
Sunair: RT 9000
Napco: PRC 77 and PRC 770
Tadiran: PRC 174, PRC 624, PRC 104, CNR 9000, VRC 120, HF 6000, THF 8000
Harris: PRC 117, PRC 138, PRC 150, PRC 152, RF 230, RF 280, RF 7800H, RF 5800H
ITT: PRC 126, PRC 128, RT 1523, RT 1702
General Dynamics: PRC 70, PRC 119, PRC 154, PRC 155, C4S
Thales Sincgars: 1523G, PRC 139, PR4G, AN/PRC 148 MBITR
Racal Sincgars: 1523G, PRC 139
Marconi Selenia Communications/Selex Communications combat net radio: CNR 2000
Magnavox: PRC 126, PRC 128
Associated Industries: PRC 77, PRC 1177
Cincinnati Electronics: PRC 70
Collins Radio: PRC 66, PRC 25
AVCO Electronics: PRC 70
Micom: RM 500, RM 125, Pathfinder
Exelis Sincgars: RT 1523, RT 1702
Rockwell Collins: PRC 15
Hughs: PRC 104
Thompson: CFS 340
Rohde & Schwarz: M3TR
Elbit Systems: THF 8000
Motorola multi-role radios: ANURC 100, ANURC 200
Ground Vehicular Radios: RT 524/VRC
Raytheon: ARC 222
L3 Communications/Linkabit Wavepac: PRC 130