OEM Automatic Number Identification (ANI) Modules

OEM ANI Modules

OEM Automatic Number Identification (ANI) Modules

About Automatic Number Identification (ANI):

ANI (Automatic Number Identification) is also known as PTT ID because an ID is transmitted when the PTT is pressed and/or released. This ID tells the dispatcher who keyed the radio.

For more information about ANI and it's benefits view our ANI Systems Guide.

Automatic Number Identification System Uses:

Accurate Identification: Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize a radio caller due to background noise or a weak signal. ANI clearly identifies the caller for the dispatcher.

Stop System Abuse: Some radio users may key-up over one another or say things over the air that are prohibited. ANI identifies these users to the dispatcher, so that corrective action can be taken.

Emergency Situations: The use of Emergency ANI enables the dispatcher to accurately and quickly identify a user in distress.

Call Assignments: Some taxi and towing services assign calls to the first user to respond. ANI allows the dispatcher to verify who the first responder was to fairly assign the call.