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OEM Radio Voice Scramblers

Midian Electronics offers voice scramblers to meet all of your voice privacy needs. We offer voice inversion scramblers to protect private radio conversations from eavesdropping by casual listeners and high security hopping code and frequency domain voice scramblers to protect against determined listeners. The voice inversion, hopping code, and frequency domain scramblers are available for a variety of OEM radios. All of our voice scramblers feature the best recovered audio quality and speech recognition in the industry.

Midian's Voice Security Selection Guide or the links below can answer common questions about voice scramblers and their applications.

Since Transcrypt was closed by EF Johnson, Midian has had many requests for information about compatible and comparable radio encryption. This comparison sheet lists the Transcrypt model number and Midian's part number of a compatible or comparable product.

OEM Plug-In Voice Scramblers