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School Bus Safety & Security

GPS Speaker Microphone for School Bus Safety & School Bus Security

Midian's TS-130-SM1G-SB GPS Speaker Microphone will plug-in to or wire-in to most Two-Way Radios. When keyed the SM1G will transmit the bus identification along with latitude, longitude, speed and bearing for display on the CAD-800 monitor screen using Google Earth mapping at the dispatch center. In the event of a hijacking, a hidden foot pedal switch can activate the TS-130-SM1G-SB to send an emergency identification to the dispatch center creating an alarm and activate map display of the vehicle location. Using the CAD-800 the dispatcher can then call the bus to eavesdrop on background conversations and after coordinating with police can activate the bus' governor to slow down or stall the vehicle.


  • GPS Location, speed and bearing transmitted with PTT ID, Emergency ID & in response to Polling from the dispatcher
  • Emergency ID using a side button on the TS-130-SM1G-SB or a hidden foot pedal switch to activate an alarm at the dispatch center
  • The school bus can be called using the following methods:
    • Normal PTT voice communication
    • Using the CAD-800 to ring the microphone
    • Using the CAD-800 to poll the microphone for location, speed and bearing
    • Using the CAD-800 to eavesdrop on background conversations during a school bus hijacking
    • Using the CAD-800 to slow down or stall the school bus
  • Pre-made cables available for most Two-Way radios
  • For additional security, optional levels of voice scrambling are available for the TS-130-SM1G-SB
GPS Speaker Microphone for School Bus Safety

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School Bus Safety and Security Products from Midian

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Keep Your Kids' School Safe with Midian's PARTI-1 Mass Notification Product

PARTI-1 Mass Notification System: When seconds count in an emergency the PARTI-1 enables administrators, faculty and security to remotely access the school's Public Address System via Two-Way Radio or Cellular. A simulcast feature also allows school bus drivers, via their Two-Way Radio, to listen to mass notification announcements broadcast over the school's PA System, allowing the driver to immediately transport boarded students off school premises to a safe location.