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Voice Alarm Encoder

Voice Alarm Encoder: VAE-10 | Midian Electronics


Midian's VAE-10 is a voice alarm encoder that can have a voice message stored in it and when the emergency input is activated the VAE-10 will transmit an emergency ANI and/or the prerecorded voice message.


  • Available formats include Motorola's MDC-1200®, Kenwood's FleetSync®, Harris' G-Star™ (GE-Star), DTMF & 5-Tone
  • Clearly identify emergency conditions
  • Programmable key-up delay
  • Programmable via Midian's KL-4F Programmer and KL-4F-PC1
  • Transmit unit ID and a voice message
  • Voice message up to 180 seconds in length
  • 3 year warranty


Equipment Failure Notification: The emergency input of the VAE-10 can be connected to equipment such as tower lights or a backup generator, so that when the tower light goes out it can send a voice message stating that the "Mount Lemmon tower 3 light is off". This warning can be sent periodically multiple times or continuously until reset. For backup power, when the backup is activated a message such as "Backup power is on".

Emergeny Alert: Public safety dispatchers do not want field radio users to talk on the channel without need when an emergency is occurring. The dispatcher can have the VAE-10 send a voice message such as "Emergency alert keep channel clear". This message can be sent periodically until reset.


Midian's VAE-10 Voice Alarm Encoder can be installed into many radios. Midian currently offers pre-made cables for many two-way radios including Icom, Kenwood, Motorola and Vertex.

Product Manuals

VAE-10 Product Manual