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8 Input Voice Alarm Encoder

8 Input Voice Alarm Encoder: VAE-80


The VAE-80 is a voice alarm encoder capable of playing back 8 different 20 second user pre-recorded messages over a radio channel. Each of these 8 messages is controlled by 8 individual logic low inputs (relay contacts) from an alarm panel. Optional dedicated phone line port for activating the pre-recorded messages remotely using a telephone.


  • The system can store 8 pre-recorded 20 second messages for instant playback when triggered with a logic low on any of its 8 inputs
  • To get the attention of the listeners, each recorded announcement may be preceded by an alert tone
  • The system may be programmed to repeat recorded messages multiple times to ensure they are heard
  • All programming and pre-recorded messages can be changed via the KL-4F programmer. Pre-recorded messages can also be changed using an optional microphone
  • 3 year warranty



Midian's VAE-80 8 Input Voice Alarm Encoder can be connected to most two-way radios.

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