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Serial to Ethernet Adaptor

Serial to Ethernet Adaptor: CAD-OPTION-B


Midian's CAD-OPTION-B works with Midian's CAD-100, CAD-200, CAD-400, CAD-500, CAD-600 and CAD-MF to decode and display ANI and Emergency ANI. However, rather than the standard serial or USB interface the CAD Option B offers an Ethernet interface for networking the CAD modem. Currently this restricts the CAD products to decode only. When using the CAD Option B the CADNet Jr software is used instead of the regular CAD program.


  • Allows Midian's CAD modems to be networked
  • Comes with CADNet Jr software
  • Ethernet connection
  • Alias database
  • Scroll through the day's traffic
  • Simple to use
  • 3 year warranty


The CAD-OPTION-B is used in applications where the CAD modem needs to connect to a network rather than directly to a single PC.


The CAD-OPTION-B serial to Ethernet adaptor connects between the CAD modem and the network.