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Voice Storage Module for Datron HH7700 Handheld Military Radios

Voice Storage Module for Datron HH7700 Military Radios

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The VM-3 can be installed into a mobile or portable two-way radio to record incoming radio transmissions. When the VM-3 sees a busy indication from the radio or detects VOX it will start recording the received audio. When the busy indication goes away for a programmed amount of time, the VM-3 will stop recording.

One of the main benefits of the VM-3 voice storage module is that the recording blocks are not set in stone like most other voice storage modules. If the radio transmission is only 5 seconds in length the recording block only uses 5 seconds of the 180 seconds. Some competitive units have recording blocks of 30 seconds. If the recording is 5 seconds the other 25 seconds are lost, thus greatly reducing the actual total recording time.


  • Up to 180 seconds of record time for message playback
  • Recordings are based on actual record time and not a preset block of time
  • Selective Call Input for selective record
  • COR or VOX operation
  • Programmable via Midian's KL-4F Programmer
  • Plugs into Datron's HH7700 Handheld Military Radio
  • 3 year warranty


Midian's VM-3 records voice messages when a user is away from their two-way radio. When the user returns to their radio the user can playback the recorded radio traffic. If the radio can provide the unit with a selective call indication, then the unit will only record radio traffic preceded by the selective call.


Midian's VM-3-DT1 is a plug-in voice storage module for Datron World Communications' HH7700 handheld military radio.