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128 bit AES Digital Voice Encryption Module

128 Bit AES Digital Voice Encryption Module: DVE-1

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1-800-MIDIANS (643-4267) or 520-884-7981


Midian's DVE-1 series is a new Digital Voice Encryption module offering multiple levels of voice security.

When used with the CAD-800 additional features are available including:

  • OTAR
  • Over the air data encrypted using Midian's Fleet Management Protocol
  • Leading and/or trailing PTT ANI and Emergency ANI (ENI) displays on the CAD-800
  • Selective call for Individual, Group and All Call
  • Querying a unit to transpond back to the CAD-800 when called to see if the radio is working or in range
  • Spy mode where the CAD-800 can eavesdrop on a lost or stolen unit
  • Disable and re-enable (Stun) a lost or stolen unit from the CAD-800


  • 3 encryption levels: 128 bit AES, 48 bit and 16 bit encryption
  • Number of possible codes: 3.4 x 1039
  • Number of selectable keys: 4
  • Capable of inversion scrambling allowing for interoperability with pre-existing systems
  • 2400 BPS modem data rate over the radio channel (sounds like white noise)
  • Plug-in versions available for Datron, Hytera, Icom, Kenwood, Motorola, Simoco, Tait & Vertex radios
  • Can be used in most HF/VHF/UHF radios with FM or conventional AM modulation
  • ANI available using Midian's FMP format
  • Emergency ANI using a side button (when available on radio)
  • After Emergency ANI the radio's speaker can sound emergency locator tones to aid rescuers in locating users in distress
  • Option available for automatic emergency ID activation by Man Down - Lone Worker sensor
  • Programmable via Midian's KL-4F Programmer
  • Programmable audio levels
  • 3 year warranty


Midian's voice scramblers are ideal for use by armed forces, public safety (police, fire, ambulance), fleets (taxi, towing, fishing) and industrial users.


Midian's DVE-1 can be installed into most two-way radios. Midian also offers plug-in versions of the DVE-1 for OEM radios.

Midian's voice encryption modules are well known in the industry as offering the best audio quality and speaker recognition.

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