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Computer Based DTMF Encoder & Decoder (Serial DB9 Version)

Computer Based DTMF Encoder -  DTMF Decoder: CAD-100


Midian Electronics' CAD-100 is a computer based display decoder for DTMF signaling. The CAD decodes and displays the incoming ANI and Emergency ANI (ENI), as well as an alias, status, location and the time and date of the ANI. The CAD-100 also encodes DTMF for features such as selective calling of field units, radio kill, query, emergency acknowledge and more.


  • Decodes & displays unit ID, status, alias, time and date
  • Decodes status and location
  • Easy to program & install
  • Selectively call field units
  • Deadbeat Disable (Radio Kill) for lost, stolen or non-paying units
  • Scroll through the day's traffic
  • Log traffic to a drive or printer
  • Alias database
  • Programmable COR polarity
  • Translatable into different languages
  • Works with Windows XP SP 3, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1
  • 3 year warranty


Midian's CAD-100 is ideal for monitoring and controlling radio communications in fleets such as public safety, taxi, towing, etc.

ANI/ENI: Allows dispatchers to know who he or she is talking to, identify system abusers, identify emergency conditions and assign calls fairly.

Radio Kill: This features allows the dispatcher to disable lost, stolen or non-paying units. Radios can be re-enabled as well.

Selective Call: Enables the dispatcher to converse with a single unit or a group of units, while other units remain squelched.


The CAD-100 connects to most base station radios using the rear accessory connector of the radio. The CAD-100 has a DB9 connector for the PC. A serial to Ethernet adaptor option (CAD Option B) is also available for decode only.

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