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Emergency & Mass Notification System Interface

Emergency Notification System | Mass Notification System Interface


When seconds count in an emergency Midian's PARTI-1 enables remote access to an existing Public Address System via two-way radio with an option for cellular, VoIP and land-line telephone. Once connected the user can transmit a live, "buffered" or pre-recorded message with alert tone and message repeat over the PA System.


  • Can store 8 pre-recorded messages for instant playback by using the Touch Tone® keypad on the user's radio
  • To get the attention of listeners, each recorded announcement may be preceded by alert tones
  • To avoid feedback over the PA System the user may record a "buffered" message which will be played immediately
  • Live voice messages may be transmitted in real time over PA System
  • The messages that are played over the PA System can be simultaneously played back over the radio channel
  • Input for a remote switch to activate a pre-recorded message
  • Radio and telephone audio can interface directly to the XLR microphone connector or accessory connector on the PA
  • Relay output to activate all call/emergency on PA System


Campuses: Schools, Universities, Business: Active Shooter Response, lockdown, pre-recorded security level notifications, intruder alerts, fire, disaster alerts, school bus mass evacuation & hijackings

Airports: TSA/Police live, "buffered" or pre-recorded announcements with alert tone and message repeat, vehicular traffic control

Industrial Plants & Mining: Accidents, toxic spills, live in-plant paging, inclement weather notification

Hospitals: Ambulance arrival notification, Active Shooter Response, intruder alerts, fire, disaster alerts

Government & Private Buildings: Unauthorized persons, fire, disaster alerts, live in-plant paging

Shopping Malls, Amusement Parks, Parking Lots: Pre-recorded advertising message with repeat, live in-plant paging


The PARTI-1 simply connects to the balanced or unbalanced input on the PA System. The balanced output has a short circuit across it to mute the PA Systems on the XLR input. It also has a relay contact closure for All Call / Emergency Call. The radio input connects to the radio's accessory connector. The optional FCC approved telephone interface simply plugs into a wall jack using an RJ-11 connector. The wall jack can be accessed by cellular, VoIP or regular land-line telephone.