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GPS H-250 Handset with Frequency Hopping / Rolling Code Encryption for Military Manpack Radios

GPS H250 Handset w/ Rolling Code Military Grade Encryption


Midian Electronics' TVS-2V-HS1G is a GPS handset with a military grade rolling code voice encryption. When the GPS H250 handset is keyed it will send the PTT Id (ANI) and the GPS coordinates. The unit also supports sending of an Emergency ID with Location when activated by the Man-Down - Lone Worker sensor. Midian's CAD-800 base controller decodes and displays the PTT ID along with the GPS location and other selectable information shown on a map using Google Earth or Terrain Navigator Pro with no monthly subscriber fees.

Midian's TVS-2V offers higher security than competitive rolling code voice encryption by using true frequency hopping rather than frequency sweeping. While competitive rolling code scramblers claim up to 1,000 hops per second, each of these hops are only a cycle or two in length. Midian's TVS-2V hops 6 to 12 times per second in standard mode and 13 to 25 times per second in advanced mode. Each hop is several hundred cycles in length. Click here for a detailed competitive comparison.


  • Tactical level secure voice scrambler protects against determined listeners
  • Trillions of programmable security keys
  • Automatically detects scrambled or clear conversation
  • Programmable double hop rate for higher security
  • Uses true frequency hopping rather than frequency sweeping
  • Excellent recovered audio quality & speaker recognition
  • No monthly subscriber fees when using Google Earth or Terrain Navigator Pro with our GPS products
  • Programmable periodic GPS auto-reporting PTT
  • Available ANI formats include Midian's FMP-1200™, Motorola's MDC-1200®, Kenwood's FleetSync®, Harris' G-Star™, DTMF & 5-Tone
  • Emergency ANI automatically activated by Man-Down - Lone Worker sensor
  • After Emergency ANI the handset's earpiece can sound emergency locator tones to aid rescuers in locating users in distress
  • Programmable via Midian's H250-PROG
  • Programmable audio levels
  • The H250 handset derives power from the center pin on the U-329 connector on many newer Manpack Radios
  • To install on a Manpack Radio twist off existing handset & twist on the HS1/HS1G product in its place
  • 3 year warranty


The TVS-2V-HS1G is ideal for government (i.e. military) and public safety users who are using manpack radios.


Midian's TVS-2V-HS1G is available for most military manpack radios such as the PRC1077, PRC77, PRC155, PRC25 and more. Different connector configurations are also available for other manpack radios. View compatible manpack radios.

The TVS-2V-HS1G does not require any modifications to the repeater and have no effect on the range of the radio. Midian's voice encryption products are well known in the industry as offering the best audio quality and speaker recognition.

The H250-PROG is used for easy PC programming of Midian's Military H250 Handsets (with or without GPS).