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GPS H-250 Handset for Military Manpack Radios

GPS H-250 / H-250U Handset for Military Manpack Radios

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Midian's TS-130-HS1G is a GPS H-250 handset that can connect to many military manpack radios when using a U-329 connector. When the GPS handset is keyed it will send the PTT ID (ANI) and the GPS coordinates. The unit also supports sending of an Emergency ID with Location when activated by the Lone Worker / Man-Down sensor. Midian's CAD-800 base station controller decodes and displays the PTT ID along with the GPS location and other selectable information shown on a map using Google Earth or Terrain Navigator Pro with no monthly subscriber fees.

The TS-130-HS1G also supports decode functions such as Polling, Selective Calling, Radio Disable, Radio Enable, Spy (Remote Monitoring) and Emergency Acknowledge. These decode functions are initiated from Midian's CAD-800. Polling allows the dispatcher to request a unit's GPS location. Selective calling can be to call an individual unit, a group of units or all units. If a unit becomes lost or stolen, it can be disabled, so it cannot interfere with the system. If the unit is later recovered the unit can be re-enabled. The Spy function enables the dispatcher to eavesdrop on a unit during an emergency or other condition. If multiple Emergency IDs are transmitted, the dispatcher can stop subsequent Emergency ID transmissions using the Emergency Acknowledge feature.


  • No monthly subscriber fees when using Google Earth or Terrain Navigator Pro with our GPS products
  • GPS Location sent with PTT ID, Emergency ID & in response to Polling when used with our CAD-800 Dispatch Display
  • GPS latitude, longitude, speed, bearing, time and PTT ID transmitted on leading and/or trailing PTT
  • Programmable periodic GPS auto-reporting PTT
  • Available ANI formats include Midian's FMP-1200™, Motorola's MDC-1200®, Kenwood's FleetSync®, Harris' G-Star™, DTMF & 5-Tone
  • Over the air data encrypted with a unique System ID using Midian's 1200 baud Fleet Management Protocol, FMP-1200™
  • Unit mutes speaker during incoming Midian FMP-1200™ data packets
  • Emergency ANI using a side button
  • After Emergency ANI the handset's earpiece can sound emergency locator tones to aid rescuers in locating users in distress
  • Fast data packets with forward error correction for high reliability & security
  • Programmable via Midian's KL-4F Programmer and KL-4F-PC1 or the H250-PROG
  • The H250 handset derives power from the center pin on the U-329 connector on many newer Manpack Radios
  • To install on a Manpack Radio twist off existing handset & twist on the HS1/HS1G product in its place
  • 3 year warranty


GPS handsets are a useful tool for keeping track of personnel's location, users in distress and lost or stolen radios. Common users of GPS handsets include Military, Public Safety (Police, Fire, etc.), Search & Rescue, Industrial workers for Lone Worker features and more.


Midian's TS-130-HS1G works with many military manpack radios with a U-329 connector such as the PRC1077, PRC77, PRC155, PRC25 and more. Different connector configurations are also available for other manpack radios. View compatible manpack radios.