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GPS - GLONASS Computer-Aided Dispatch (USB)

GPS- GLONASS Computer-Aided Dispatch - USB Version: CAD-800U


Midian's CAD-800U is the computer-aided dispatch unit/Windows® software for use with Midian's GPS-GLONASS speaker microphone products. GPS is the United States' global navigation satellite system (GNSS) format. GLONASS is the Russian equivalent of the US GPS System. When the GPS-GLONASS speaker microphone is keyed it sends the PTT ID (ANI) and the GPS-GLONASS coordinates. The CAD-800U decodes and displays the PTT ID along with the GPS location and other selectable information shown on a map using Google Earth or Terrain Navigator Pro with no monthly subscriber fees.

The CAD-800U can encode functions to Midian's GPS speaker microphones such as Polling, Selective Calling, Radio Disable, Radio Enable, Spy (Remote Monitoring) and Emergency Acknowledge. Polling allows the dispatcher to request a unit's GPS-GLONASS location. Selective calling can be used to call an individual unit, a group of units or all units. If a unit becomes lost or stolen, it can be disabled, so it cannot interfere with the system. If the unit is later recovered the unit can be re-enabled. The Spy function enables the dispatcher to eavesdrop on a unit during an emergency or other condition. If multiple Emergency IDs are transmitted, the dispatcher can stop subsequent Emergency ID transmissions using the Emergency Acknowledge feature.

The Google Earth Interface to Midian's CAD-800U enables the dispatcher to track a user's route throughout the course of the day and if a user goes outside of its zone (geo-fencing). Icons are programmable for the system or unique to each zone.


  • No monthly subscriber fees when using Google Earth or Terrain Navigator Pro with our GPS products
  • Decodes GPS or GLONASS location sent with PTT ID, Emergency & in response to Polling
  • Fast data packets with forward error correction for high reliability & security
  • Identifies radio users and the users' locations
  • Outputs standard NMEA sentence for use with 3rd party GIS software
  • Over the air data encrypted with a unique System ID using Midian's 1200 baud Fleet Management Protocol, FMP-1200™
  • Sends Polling, Selective Call, Radio Disable & Enable, Spy and Emergency Acknowledge
  • Easy to program & install
  • Scroll through the day's traffic
  • Log traffic to a drive or printer
  • Alias database
  • Programmable COR polarity
  • Translatable into different languages
  • Works with Windows XP SP 3, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1
  • 3 year warranty


GPS-GLONASS products for two-way radios are a useful tool for keeping track of personnel's location, users in distress and lost or stolen radios. Common users of GPS products for two-way radios include Military, Public Safety (Police, Fire, etc.), Search & Rescue, Industrial workers for Lone Worker features and more.


Midian's CAD-800U goes at the dispatch point and installs in between the base station radio and the computer's USB port.