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Rolling Code Voice Scrambler for Hytera TC-780 & TM-800 Radios

TVS2 Rolling Code Voice Scrambler for Hytera Radios

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Midian Electronics' TVS-2 series of tactical high-security rolling code voice scramblers offers protection against even determined listeners. By using true frequency hopping rather than frequency sweeping, Midian's TVS-2 offers higher security than competitive rolling code scramblers. While competitive rolling code voice scramblers claim up to 1,000 hops per second, each of these hops are only a cycle or two in length. Midian's TVS-2 hops 6 to 12 times per second in standard mode and 13 to 25 times per second in advanced mode. Each hop is several hundred cycles in length. Click here for a detailed competitive comparison.

The TVS-2 Series and Midian's CAD-300 Computer-Aided Dispatch also offer features such as Over-The-Air-Reprogramming (OTAR) of the primary security code, Deadbeat Disable, selective calling, spy, ANI, and Emergency ANI using Midian's Kryptic signaling format.


  • Uses true frequency hopping rather than frequency sweeping
  • Tactical level secure voice scrambler protects against determined listeners
  • Trillions of programmable security keys
  • Programmable double hop rate for higher security
  • Automatically detects scrambled or clear conversation
  • Deadbeat Disable (Radio Kill) for lost, stolen or non-paying units
  • Over-The-Air-Reprogramming (OTAR) of the primary security code
  • Preamble tone for use in voting systems
  • Use the CAD-300 Command Post Dispatch Unit to eavesdrop on background conversations, spy on a captured radio or disable a captured/lost radio's handset
  • Plugs into Hytera's TC-780 & TM-800 radios
  • Excellent recovered audio quality & speaker recognition
  • 3 year warranty


Midian's voice scramblers are ideal for government (i.e. military), public safety, fleet (i.e. taxi, towing, fishing) and private use.


Midian's TVS-2-HYT1 is a plug-in module for Hytera's TC-780 and TM-800 radios. The TVS-2 does not require any modifications to the repeater and have no effect on the range of the radio. Midian's voice scramblers are well known in the industry as offering the best audio quality and speaker recognition.