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Inversion Voice Scrambler for Hytera TC-780 & TM-800 Radios

Speech Inversion Voice Scrambler for Hytera Radios

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1-800-MIDIANS (643-4267) or 520-884-7981


Midian's VPU series of inversion voice scramblers protect your voice communications against casual listeners. By mixing the frequency of the voice with an inversion tone in a balanced modulator, sum and difference frequencies are created. A low-pass filter eliminates the sum and the difference is transmitted as "inverted voice". The "inverted voice" undergoes an identical process on the receiving end that reconstructs the voice.

Midian's VPU-15-HYT1 is compatible with inversion scramblers from Motorola, MX-Com, Transcrypt, and Selectone.


  • 37 inversion codes to choose from
  • Toggle between up to 4 of the 37 available codes
  • Protects against casual listeners
  • The only inversion scrambler that offers ANI, Deadbeat Disable & selective calling
  • The only inversion scrambler to automatically detect scrambled/clear audio (use with VPU-15 series)
  • Uses Midian's Kryptic signaling format for ANI, OTAR, Deadbeat Disable, selective calling, etc.
  • Use the CAD-300 Command Post Dispatch Unit to eavesdrop on background conversations, spy on a captured radio or disable a captured/lost radio's handset
  • Plugs into Hytera's TC-780 & TM-800 radios
  • Superior audio quality & 3 year warranty


Midian's voice scramblers are ideal for government, public safety, fleets (i.e. taxi, towing, fishing), and private use.


Midian's VPU-15-HYT1 is a plug-in module for Hytera's TC-780 portable radios and TM-800 mobile radios.

Midian's voice scramblers are well known in the industry as offering the best audio quality and speaker recognition.