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Interoperability Switch

Interoperability Switch - Cross Band Repeater: IS-1


Midian Electronics' IS-1 is an interoperability switch or a cross-band repeater maker for allowing 2 radio systems on different channels or different bands to communicate with one another. For example a UHF radio system and an HF SSB radio system can interoperate or a VHF radio system can interoperate with a UHF P25 radio system.

When the IS-1 sees COR or VOX from radio system 1, the IS-1 will give a PTT output to radio system 2 and pass the audio from radio 1 to radio 2. The IS-1 can be powered by a 9 Volt battery for more than 40 hours, or can get the power from an external source such as a mobile radio or from an optional wall power adaptor. A monitor output is available for monitoring the radio traffic or outputting to a voice recorder.


  • 9V battery connection
  • COR or VOX Detect
  • Easy installation
  • Low-cost
  • Monitor output for monitoring or voice recording
  • 3 year warranty


The IS-1 is ideal for interagency cooperation in emergency situations such as search & rescue, emergency relief, hostage situations, etc.


Midian offers optional preconfigured cables for plug and play installation for some radios. Otherwise the IS-1 easily connects between 2 two-way radios for interoperability.