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Multi-Format ANI Encoder with Lone Worker & Man-Down in a Speaker Microphone for Military Manpack Radios

Speaker Mic Multi-Format ANI Encoder w/ Lone Worker for Military


Midian Electronics' Automatic Number Identification products enable the dispatcher or system administrator to monitor fleet communications and to identify and stop system abusers. When the user keys up their radio the ANI module transmits a tone sequence or a digital packet. This sequence or packet can then be displayed on Midian's CAD, DDU, ADD and TRC series display decoders.

Midian's Automatic Number Identification modules also offer Emergency ANI that can be connected to a switch on the radio. When the switch is activated the ANI module will send a sequence with an emergency status digit attached. The display decoder will then show an alarm indication for that unit. The Lone Worker function can automatically trigger the Emergency ANI if the radio is inactive for a preprogrammed number of minutes.

The TS-120 can be programmed to any of the following formats: Motorola's MDC-1200®, Kenwood's FleetSync®, Harris' G-Star™ (aka GE-Star), DTMF and 5-Tone (all formats).


  • Available formats include Motorola's MDC-1200®, Kenwood's FleetSync®, Harris' G-Star™ (GE-Star), DTMF & 5-Tone
  • Identifies radio callers & system abusers
  • Emergency ANI
  • Accelerometer for Man-Down or Lone Worker reset
  • Lone Worker function
  • Locator tones
  • Programmable via Midian's KL-4F Programmer and KL-4F-PC1 or the H250-PROG
  • Programmable key-up delay
  • The H250 handset derives power from the center pin on the U-329 connector on many newer Manpack Radios
  • To install on a Manpack Radio twist off existing handset & twist on the SM1G product in its place
  • 3 year warranty


Automatic Number Identification products provide fleet management features that are beneficial to any radio fleet including fleets such as taxi, towing and public safety.

• Allows a dispatcher to know who he or she is talking to.

• Identify system abusers.

• Identify emergency conditions.

• Assign calls fairly.

Additionally, the Lone Worker function provides an added level of security for users by being able to automatically send an Emergency ANI. If the unit does not receive any user interaction (PTT or Lone Worker Reset button) for a programmable period of time the unit can key the radio and send the ENI.


Midian's TS-120-SM1 works with many military manpack radios with a U-329 connector.