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Speaker Microphone Voice Alarm Encoder with ANI for Military Manpack Radios

Speaker Microphone Voice Alarm Encoder for Military Manpack Radios


Midian's VAE-1-SM1-MIL is a voice alarm encoder that can have a voice message stored in it and when the emergency input is activated the VAE-1-SM1-MIL will transmit an emergency ANI and/or the prerecorded voice message.


  • Accelerometer for Man-Down or Lone Worker reset
  • Available formats include Motorola's MDC-1200®, Kenwood's FleetSync®, Harris' G-Star™ (GE-Star), DTMF & 5-Tone
  • Emergency ANI
  • Locator tones
  • Lone Worker function
  • Many pre-made microphone cables are available for OEM radios
  • Programmable key-up delay
  • Programmable via Midian's KL-4F Programmer and KL-4F-PC1 or the H250-PROG
  • Transmit radio caller's ID and a voice message
  • The microphone derives power from the center pin on the U-329 connector on many newer Manpack Radios
  • To install on a Manpack Radio twist off existing handset & twist on the SM1G product in its place
  • 3 year warranty


Lone Worker: The Lone Worker feature is used for man-down applications. If the unit does not receive any user interaction (PTT or Lone Worker Reset button) for a programmable period of time the unit can key the radio and send the Emergency ANI and voice message.

Emergency Location: The VAE-1-SM1-MIL can provide voice location messages for Public Safety (firefighters and police) or for lone workers in areas where GPS location is not available. For example, firefighters can store a custom voice message into the VAE-1-SM1-MIL as their location changes while fighting a fire in a building. If there is a fire in a ten story apartment building and the firefighter is working on the second floor in apartment 215, the firefighter can record "Second floor apartment 215". If the firefighter moves to the third floor in apartment 306 the firefighter can rerecord the message to say "Third floor apartment 306". If the emergency input is activated then the VAE-1 will send an emergency ANI to identify to the dispatcher who is in trouble and then the voice message will follow to inform the dispatcher where the distressed firefighter is located. This enables the rescuers to concentrate their search efforts in one area of the apartment building rather than splitting their search efforts between ten stories. Locator tones can also be generated to provide an audible alert to the searchers.

Equipment Failure Notification: The emergency input of the VAE-1-SM1-MIL can be connected to equipment such as tower lights or a backup generator, so that when the tower light goes out it can send a voice message stating that the "Mount Lemmon tower 3 light is off". This warning can be sent periodically multiple times or continuously until reset. For backup power, when the backup is activated a message such as "Backup power is on".

Emergency Alert: Public safety dispatchers do not want field radio users to talk on the channel without need when an emergency is occurring. The dispatcher can have the VAE-1-SM1-MIL send a voice message such as "Emergency alert keep channel clear". This message can be sent periodically until reset.


Midian's VAE-1-SM1-MIL is available with cables for many military manpack radios using a U-329 connector.