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Midian's TRA provides telephone voltages and ring voltages to simulate a telephone line. The TRA uses VOX operation for asserting the PTT of simplex two-way radios or remote controllers. Other features include connect/disconnect ANI's, channel scanning, and multiple decode numbers for individual or group call. Duplex operation is possible when using a duplex mobile radio.


The TRA can be used as a phone line extender for areas without phone line access. It can also be used with a KSU phone system to control a base station or a tone/DC remote or to provide in-plant paging of two-tone, five-tone, or DTMF.


Midian's TRA is easily interfaced to many full-duplex or simplex mobile radios and KSU phone systems. The TRA works with most DTMF interconnects including Midian's DTI and STI series interconnects.