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Radio Interoperability Switch

Interoperability Switch | Cross Band Repeater Maker: IS-2

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Midian's IS-2 is designed to permit interoperability between two radios of virtually any type or as a cross band repeater maker. The IS-2 can interoperate two radio systems from the following system types:

• Conventional VHF and UHF
• Trunking Systems
• HF radios
• APCO 25
• Motorola's MotoTRBO
• Kenwood's NEXEDGE
• Icom's IDAS
• Optional 4-wire interface

The IS-2 takes the receive audio from one radio "1" and feeds it into the opposite radio "2's" microphone circuit. When using portables the receive audio from radio "1" is detected by the IS-2's VOX circuit keying radio "2" which passes the above mentioned audio to radio "2".

When using mobile radios, the VOX is not used and instead the IS-2 converts the COR from radio "1" to a push to talk signal keying radio "2".

The IS-2 has trunking delay inputs with a voice buffer for use in trunking systems. For example if radio "1" is conventional and radio "2" is trunked, when someone on radio system "1" transmits and starts talking the IS-2 starts recording the audio (up to 4 seconds). Once a channel has been acquired by radio "2" the IS-2 will pass the buffered voice to radio "2" for transmitting along with the remainder of the message.

There is a monitor output jack that can be used for recording or monitoring audio with an earphone or speaker amplifier.

There is a DTMF decoder to activate and deactivate the unit from field radios using the keypad on the radio or an ANI sequence on a dedicated channel. The IS-2 will generate a medium tone followed by a high tone when activated and a medium tone followed by a low tone when deactivated.


  • 4 second audio buffer
  • COR or VOX Detect
  • DTMF enable and disable
  • Monitor output for monitoring or voice recording
  • Supports trunking systems
  • 3 year warranty


The IS-2 is ideal for interagency cooperation in emergency situations such as search & rescue, emergency relief, hostage situations, etc.


Midian offers optional preconfigured cables for plug and play installation for some radios. Otherwise the IS-2 easily connects between 2 two-way radios for interoperability.

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