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Radio Interoperability Switch

2-Way Radio Interoperability Switch | Cross Band Repeater Maker: IS-2

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Midian's IS-2 is a voice bridge designed to provide simple interoperability between virtually any type of two-way radios or as a cross band repeater maker. For example, LTE to VHF or Site Connect to P25!

The IS-2 can interoperate two radio systems from the following system types:

• Conventional VHF and UHF
• Trunking Systems
• HF radios
• APCO 25
• Motorola's MotoTRBO
• Kenwood's NEXEDGE
• Icom's IDAS

Using either COR or VOX the IS-2 automatically feeds receive audio from radio "1" into radio "2's" microphone circuit and vice versa for two way communication between different radio systems.

The IS-2 Trunking delay inputs along with its 4 second audio buffer prevent loss of audio while waiting for an open channel in trunked radio applications. For example, if radio "1" is conventional and radio "2" is trunked, when a user on radio system "1" transmits and starts talking the IS-2 will record the audio (up to 4 seconds) and once a channel has been acquired by radio "2" the IS-2 will pass the buffered voice to radio "2" for transmitting along with the remainder of the message.

This product is similar to the ACU-M by JPS Interoperability Solutions.


  • 4 second audio buffer
  • COR or VOX Detect
  • Monitor output for monitoring or voice recording
  • Supports most Trunking systems including Site Connect
  • Optional 4-wire interface
  • Optional DTMF enable and disable
  • Custom cable for many applications
  • 3 year warranty


The IS-2 is ideal for interagency cooperation in emergency situations such as search & rescue, emergency relief, hostage situations, etc.


Midian offers optional preconfigured cables for plug and play installation for some radios. Otherwise the IS-2 easily connects between 2 two-way radios for interoperability.

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IS-2 Application Drawing

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