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H-250 Handset with Frequency Domain Tactical Level Voice Scrambler for Military Manpack Radios

Tactical Voice Scrambler H-250 Handset for Manpack Radios


Midian's VS-1200 series is a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based Frequency Domain voice scrambler offering multiple tactical levels of voice security. Unlike rolling code voice scramblers the VS-1200 does not require synchronization. The lack of synchronization enables the VS-1200 to be used in virtually any type of AM/FM SSB military manpack radio.

The built in ANI enables the dispatcher or system administrator to monitor fleet communications and to identify and stop system abusers. When the user keys their radio the VS-1200 transmits an ID. This ID can then be displayed on Midian's CAD, DDU, ADD and TRC series display decoders.

When used with the CAD-800 additional features are available including:

  • Over the air data encrypted with a unique System ID using Midian's 1200 baud Fleet Management Protocol, FMP-1200™
  • Unit mutes speaker during incoming Midian FMP-1200™ data packets
  • Leading and/or trailing PTT ANI and Emergency ANI (ENI) displays on the CAD-800
  • Selective call for Individual, Group and All Call
  • Querying a unit to transpond back to the CAD-800 when called to see if the radio is working or in range
  • Spy mode where the CAD-800 can eavesdrop on a lost or stolen unit
  • Disable and re-enable (Stun) a lost or stolen unit from the CAD-800


  • Billions of possible programmable Security Keys
  • 3 user-selectable Symmetric Security Keys
  • 4 user programmable security levels
  • Tactical level high security voice scrambler using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology
  • Analog audio is digitized and a proprietary method of scrambling using Fast Fourier Tranform (FFT) is applied
  • Automatic scramble/clear mode when using Midian's FMP-1200™ protocol or pilot tone
  • Excellent recovered audio quality & speaker recognition
  • Does not require synchronization - works well in satellite voting systems
  • Can be used in most HF/VHF/UHF radios with FM or conventional AM modulation
  • Available ANI formats include Midian's FMP-1200™, Motorola's MDC-1200®, Kenwood's FleetSync®, Harris' G-Star™, DTMF & 5-Tone
  • After Emergency ANI the handset's earpiece can sound emergency locator tones to aid rescuers in locating users in distress
  • Option available for automatic emergency ID activation by Man Down - Lone Worker sensor
  • Programmable via Midian's H250-PROG
  • Programmable audio levels
  • The H250 handset derives power from the center pin on the U-329 connector on many newer Manpack Radios
  • To install on a Manpack Radio twist off existing handset & twist on the HS1/HS1G product in its place
  • 3 year warranty


Midian's VS-1200-HS1 H-250 Handset provides tactical level secure voice for AM/FM SSB military manpack radios.


Midian's VS-1200-HS1 works with many military manpack radios with a U-329 connector such as the PRC1077, PRC77, PRC155, PRC25 and more. Different connector configurations are also available for other manpack radios. View compatible manpack radios.

The H250-PROG is used for easy PC programming of Midian's Secure Voice H-250 Handsets (with or without GPS).