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Store and Forward Repeater Maker and Paging Regenerator

Store & Forward Repeater Maker & Paging Regenerator: PR-10i


Midian's PR-10i is a simplex store and forward repeater (aka simplexor or parrot) and paging regenerator that supports regeneration of both tone and voice similar to the discontinued Zetron Model 19.

Simplex Repeater Mode:

The PR-10i can be connected to a simplex mobile or base station to create a simplex store and forward repeater. When the PR-10i sees a busy indication from the connected radio it will start recording the received audio. When the busy indication goes away for a programmed amount of time, the PR-10i will key the radio and retransmit the recorded audio. The following are applications for the PR-10i as a simplex repeater:

• Expand radio coverage into remote locations, tunnels, buildings (hospitals, campuses, etc), downtown areas and more.

• Evaluate potential radio site or coverage problems by connecting the PR-10i to a mobile radio. A technician can then drive through the desired coverage area, key up and transmit voice, unkey and listen to the repeated audio quality.

Selective Repeat Mode:

The PR-10i has an integrated decoder that can be programmed to decode 2-Tone, with an option for DTMF, 5-Tone or Pulse Tone (1500 Hz or 2805 Hz for HEAR Systems). When the tone decoder decodes the programmed sequence(s) it will give a validate output to the PR-10. The validate confirms that the PR-10i should repeat the incoming audio. The tones will also be regenerated. The following are applications for the PR-10i as a selective simplex repeater:

• Regenerate 2-tone or DTMF (optional) pages for fire departments into remote areas or buildings with poor coverage.

• Regenerate Pulse Tone (optional) pages from ambulances in remote areas with poor coverage to hospitals (HEAR Systems).

Announcement Mode:

The PR-10i can be programmed to repeat the last received audio message continuously at programmable intervals, applications include:

• Broadcasts for road or weather conditions

• Aviation authority broadcasts for pilot information (ATIS — Automatic Terminal Information Service)


  • COR or VOX operation
  • Low-cost alternative for expanding radio coverage
  • Supports 2-Tone, with an option for DTMF, 5-Tone and Pulse Tone decoding for validating and regenerating pages
  • Up to 180 seconds of record time for message playback
  • 3 year warranty


Midian's PR-10i is ideal for extending coverage into areas with poor reception, evaluating potential repeater sites and continuously rebroadcasting voice messages.


The PR-10i can easily be connected to many mobile radios using the rear accessory connector. Midian also offers a number of pre-made cables for many popular radios.

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