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Plectron Option for UD/UE/UED & PR-1 Products

Plectron - Motorola Quick Call 2 Option


The Plectron option can be added to any of Midian's UE, UD, UED, or PR-1 series products. This option adds the capability for Plectron tones as well as group call for Motorola's Quick Call 2®.


  • 3 decode addresses for selective calling
  • Allows encoding and decoding of Plectron tones
  • Available on any UD, UE, UED or PR-1 product
  • Enables long A or long B for Motorola Group Call


The Plectron option adds Plectron tones and Motorola Group Call to the UD/UE/UED and PR-1 series products.


This option is added to a UD/UE/UED or PR-1 series product at the factory.