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Voting-Pilot Tone Generator

Voting-Pilot Tone Generator: VTE-1

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Midian Electronics' VTE-1, voting tone encoder (also known as a pilot tone generator or status tone generator) with a 600-ohm line driver, pairs with a radio receiver to create an analog satellite voting receiver or auxiliary receiver. Satellite voting receivers are spread out over a geographic area to provide greater radio coverage and are connected via a dedicated line, telemetry link or microwave to a voting comparator. The voting comparator looks at the signal to noise ratio from multiple voting receivers and passes the best quality signal to the dispatcher/repeater.

When COR of the attached receiver is inactive the VTE-1 generates a voting tone to the voting comparator. When the receiver's COR is active the tone is no longer generated and the audio from the radio is sent to the voting comparator.

The VTE-1 is similar to the SNV-12 Voter from JPS Interoperability Solutions.


  • 2175, 1950, 1600 or 2700 Hz voting tones
  • Custom tones available
  • Built-in line driver (600 Ohm)
  • Jumper set features, no programmer required
  • 3 year warranty


Midian's VTE-1 can be used with voting comparators that look for a 1950 Hz, 2175 Hz, 1600 Hz or 2700 Hz voting tone such as Motorola's SpectraTAC, JPS Communications' SNV-12, GE Mastr II, etc.


Midian's VTE-1 can be connected to a receiver to create an analog satellite voting receiver or auxiliary receiver. The VTE-1 is then connected to a voting comparator by a dedicated line, telemetry link or microwave.

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